I’ve had Peg and Nova come into my Teen Challenges and Living On Your Own classes. Her presentations on consent are positive and engaging. Peg does a wonderful job sharing information on such a difficult topic and my students adore Nova!
— Kari Costello, Fairview High School Counselor
I saw Peg talk in December and was impressed with her clarity, composure, and expertise on supporting survivors of sexual assault. I was moved to tears, and gained more understanding and compassion towards people who have been assaulted or harassed. Peg spoke with such ease about a traditionally challenging topic that it felt easy and engaging to listen.
— Erin C.
Peg is the embodiment of the phrase “tenderness is mighty.” She exudes a humble, welcoming, nurturing, curl-up-in-a-quilt-with-a-cup-of-tea energy, while also bringing a fierce, strong, passionate determination to the meaningful work she does. I am honored to continually learn from her and grateful to feel the impact of her gifts rippling out into the world.
— Jen Berlingo, MA, LPC
Peg’s grounded presence gives her obvious passion about her subject matter real power. She speaks from her roots of knowing with a voice that reaches into the hearts of listeners. Her confidence and depth arise from decades of counseling sexual assault survivors. The simple steps Peg offers her audience for supporting their loved ones afflicted with this painful experience furnishes clarity and succor in a distressful and often agonizing situation. Prepare to be inspired and sublimely educated by Peg’s heartful, embodied voice.
— Gretchen Stetcher, MA

“Peg is a huge asset to our community. She is a trauma expert, a skilled clinician, and a passionate advocate for survivors of sexual assault. Her clients feel safe, heard and understood by her. I am consistently impressed by her professionalism and dedication to providing the best possible care for her clients.”

- Chappell Marmon, LCSW, The Connected Couple

"Peg is an authentic therapist with a direct, honest style. I really appreciate her perspective and incisive questions when I'm struggling with something."

- Heather Pylant, MFT, Two Wings Counseling

"Peg is a solid therapist. I have known Peg through shared consultation groups for years and trust her with her clients, often sending referrals her way. She is dedicated and professional and her experience and training continues to help her clients tremendously."

- Sarah Rose, LPC, Step Into Counseling

"I have known Peg as a fellow therapist for years and have always admired her deep respect for therapy and for her clients. She brings a thoughtfulness, wisdom and warmth to her work that is invaluable. I would (and have) recommend her without hesitation."

- Jennifer Spencer Weatherley