Are you thinking about reporting a rape?

Are you considering reporting your rape or other sexual assault to the police, but aren’t sure you can handle what will come next? I can help you:

  • Decide the right course of action for you
  • Prepare for and cope with what happens next, either way
  • Manage pressure from loved ones
  • Help loved ones deal with their own reactions and learn how to support you
  • Process your experienc

Have you already reported a rape?

If your rape is already in the legal system, I can help you with many things you may be concerned about, including:

  • Not being believed
  • Being blamed
  • Not being a good witness
  • Breaking down in front of people
  • Facing hostile defense attorneys
  • Seeing your perpetrator in court
  • Having to relive the experience again when you’d rather forget it
  • Handling a possible acquittal
  • Having your recovery delayed by the legal system

You don't have to do this alone

I have helped many girls and women and their loved ones navigate decisions and experiences related to the legal system. I can help you:

  • Make decisions you feel good about
  • Feel important, nurtured, and cared about
  • Find and engage supportive resources in yourself and in the community
  • Develop skills for holding it together while speaking your truth during family discussions and legal procedures
  • Find a sense of your own power
  • Cope with disappointments, setbacks and uncertainty
  • Manage loved ones’ issues, pressure,  and expectations
  • Stand up to others’ negative attitudes, being disbelieved or blamed
  • Refocus on your own recovery