Supervision and Consultation

Are you looking for an experienced professional with whom you can consult regarding clients who have experienced sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence or related traumas? Are you looking for a supervisor to support you on your way to gaining your LPC? 

I provide both individual and group supervision as well as individual consultation, all of which are carefully crafted to meet your specific needs. I welcome the opportunity to work with you to ensure that you are providing effective trauma treatment to your clients who have histories that include gender-based violence.

My Approach to Supervision

I continually challenge my supervisees to examine how they experience themselves when working with different clients, and I help them to identify and utilize theoretical approaches that feel authentic to their values, outlook, and goals and that can form a solid foundation for their interventions. Additionally, I work hard to connect my supervisees to appropriate community and professional resources that can help their specific needs for clinical and professional growth.

The Beauty and Challenge of Providing Therapy

I believe that being a therapist is a noble and challenging calling, which requires exquisite support, self awareness and care. My work as a consultant and supervisor prioritizes ensuring that you have the knowledge, confidence, and resources you need to provide the best possible care for yourself and your clients.

Supervision Can Be Hard

Feeling evaluated, especially for something as personal and important as the therapy you provide your clients, can be hard. I can help you work with any inner critics that arise during supervision or consultation, so you can recognize the unique value you bring your clients, while also feeling supported enough – externally and internally – to work with your learning edges.

My Experience

  • Over 20 years of experience and training in working with survivors of sexual assault and abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and related experiences.

  • Over 8 years of experience providing EMDR trauma therapy.

  • Experience and training in managing the different internal components of personalities that contribute to the way we function as therapists and as people.

  • A large network of connections with local providers - both individuals and organizations - who can address different needs of clients who have survived sexual assault and abuse, sexual harassment, domestic violence, and related experiences

  • Over 4 years of experience providing animal-assisted trauma therapy.

  • Over 8 years building and running a successful private therapy practice in Boulder, CO.

  • Specific training in clinical supervision.

Next Step

If you are a practicing clinician and would like to meet with me for supervision or consultation, please contact me via email or phone (720.340.6261 - voice or text).